Free Resources! How to Stay on Track While Working From Home


Are you new to working from home and feeling stuck, frustrated, and directionless?

Do you feel like there’s always something distracting you from completing the work you need to do?


Wish there was a simple technique you could use RIGHT NOW to break through the blahs?


Well, there is.


Join award-winning content hero, writer, and editor Annie Flanzraich as she shares three incredibly useful tools to get focused and make the most of the time you have. Annie will talk about tools that can help you:


💻 Set boundaries when working from home, and how to communicate those boundaries during ambiguous times

🗓 Adapt the principles of time blocking to their work schedules to #getstuffdone

✉️ Establish a personal email policy to get out of your inbox and into your work.

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So, why exactly is Annie qualified to help?


She’s the owner of Flanz Writes, a Reno-based business that offers content services, including writing, editing, and strategy. Since 2016, Flanz Writes has helped clients in Nevada, around the United States, and internationally create authentic content that inspires by producing annual reports, special magazines, regular blog posts, scripts, op-ed pieces, and more. She’s a pro at developing content strategies, planning and executing editorial calendars, and managing multiple deadlines.


While she usually works from the Reno Collective co-working space, Annie operated Flanz Writes from home during the business’ first several years. During that time, she learned the hard way how to stay on track while working from home.


Learn from her mistakes, and jumpstart your work from home practices with this free workshop.

To participate, watch the video above, and download the slides too!