Content Services

I create authentic content — and not in the artisanal word choice, reclaimed sentence structure way. Authentic content speaks to its audience with a hearty, husky voice and says, "I know you, the way I know myself." That's the kind of content that I can create for you, and that's the type of content that inspires action.


Editorial content

Just because a story is objective doesn't mean it should be bland. With more than a decade of journalistic experience, I know how to craft the right article for your publication and audience that's informative and interesting. 

Strategic content

I can create compelling copy for your website, blog, press releases, brochures and flyers that is targeted with a clear call to action. 

Content marketing

Stand out in your customers' social media feed or inbox with engaging content that begs for a click.

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Ghost Writing

I can keep a secret if you can. This white-label content comes with the same promise of authenticity, but without the byline. Services include opinion pieces, columns, autobiographies and a sundry.


So, someone else wrote your copy and it needs a little finessing. I won't hold it against you. I will massage it to reach your goals and audience.

Content strategy

All content deserves a thoughtful strategy — and frankly so do you. My content strategies deliver a roadmap to create, organize and manage clear, engaging content that speaks to your organization's target audience.

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I offer competitive rates by the hour, word or project, based on business size. For a custom quote and proposal, email me at


I believe that audience always drives content. So, before I type or edit a single word, we'll work together to define who you want your content to reach and what you want them to do. Then, I'll commit to a set of deadlines and milestones that work for your organization. Finally, I deliver the content you were expecting when I said I would. Hey, I'm a woman of my word.

Magazine writing

May 01, 2017

Narrative nuggets—hardcover, paperback, used, new, sold for millions or fifty cents—lie waiting to be unearthed in bookstores throughout Nevada. In neon-lit cities and sleepy, rural towns, each shop offers a different experience, collection, and prize to carry home.

Annual Report

I worked with Saint Mary's Center for Cancer to create and edit most of the content for its annual report.

Magazine writing

December 01, 2016

The sun beats down on Laura Leonard’s toned, tanned arms as she rips a three-foot tall weed from the ground. She tosses the gnarly invader to the side atop a pile of other offenders she’s already brought to justice.

Website copy writing

October 01, 2016

Content creation for a new business The Visionary Reno.


Website copy editing

May 01, 2016

A full edit of the copy for the award-winning wedding and event planning company​ Mountains and Meadows as part of a site redesign by Design on The Edge.


Editing and content strategy

I edited and managed RENO Magazine for four years and this is my favorite issue because of its empowering message and compelling features.

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